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selfies are important.
I’ve actually been learning a lot about myself through this self-reflection process that is taking a photo of oneself.
When I first post a photo I am proud, this is who I am
then, after a few seconds of it appearing on the dash, it gives me anxiety and an irrational, irrelevant, fear of being rejected
and then I think so fucking what I’m just expressing myself, doing my best to explore and express what it is that my soul is trying to show me about me in this physical realm
and then I’m like true.
I love me, that’s important, and that’s where it all begins.

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What Happens When We “Ascend” (From Almine’s Ascension Manual)


A Toltec Approach to Setting Oneself Free and Activated

When we ascend, it tears a hole in the frequency prison that surrounds the earth. This is the veil of darkness mentioned in the scriptures. Light, which cannot penetrate this electromagnetic prison directly, can be channeled through our hearts. Light channeled through a human heart is a more comfortable way for humans to experience change. If pure, white light isn’t diffused through a human heart, the vibration is too strong for unaware people to hold. Hence, chaos ensues as old patterns de-structure themselves.


Image: Chakras - Phase 1

However if we become a plug-in for the light to radiate through the heart, we gently change people. If one is balanced and open to change, he or she will feel peace and love in our presence. If the person is imprisoned by his beliefs, he will feel irritation. That is why many prophets have been killed in the past. Although the reaction of people today isn’t as antagonistic towards spiritual leaders, it nevertheless polarizes their responses and may create strong reactions.


Image: Chakras Phase 2


Image: Chakras Phase 3

Normally, a person has seven chakras that are conical in shape with a plug in the center. It looks like an hourglass when viewed from the side. The seals are formed by debris from previously unresolved issues connected with the chakras. As a person grows in consciousness, the plugs open and the cone becomes spherical, eventually spreading to form a unified chakra field (or fully activated light body).

This is the opening of the seven seals mentioned in Revelations; however, it is specifically referring to the seven seals of the Earth as they open for ascension.

The unified chakra field forms a low or almost non-existent electromagnetic field around the body, similar to being at a sacred site. Wherever we are becomes the most sacred place on the planet and our vibration heals those around us. This happens because the love we emit through our cells alters any distortions in the geometric fields around their bodies. They heal through grace. This is what we experience when we go to sacred sites. People go there because it also alters the way they look at the world. We have that same effect on people.

Beyond our physical body, we have lightbodies which are connected to the seven chakras. Before our seven chakras open, the mental body, which is connected to the ego, stands guard to block the information of the three higher spiritual bodies. The three spiritual bodies are the ones containing the blueprint for the full potential of our life. Clearing the debris from the chakras and forming a unified field gives us access to this blueprint. We then receive clear communication from all our bodies.

The five lightbodies that surround the physical body alternate between being masculine (linear) and feminine (flowing fields). They mimick the dimensions, with the outer-most one (the seventh body) and the physical body being neutral.

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Be careful not to suffocate in the mask you’re wearing.


Usually the awakening of Kundalini was a process which only occurred after years of spiritual practice and meditation. Yet increasingly, the Kundalini experience is being reported among people who are not undertaking spiritual practices. Since 1993, when Shared Transformation, an American journal for connecting spiritual awakeners first began, it has been contacted by over 700 people in the throes of spontaneous Kundalini arousal (Collie & Kress,1995). These increased reports of spontaneous Kundalini awakening at this time of planetary upheaval may be indicative of a larger purpose at work, the beginning of a planetary wake up call. Anyone who is on a spiritual path, or engaging in practices which change body energies, such as meditation, yogic practices, breathwork, rebirthing or polarity balancing, may find they begin to resonate with the changing energies at this time and that they begin their own Kundalini awakening process.

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Bashar playlist ›

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Bashar ~ New Senses

”..allow yourself to relax the filters, relax the limitations..”

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Kundalini Misconceptions


There are a lot of misconceptions out there about Kundalini awakenings and energy - the range of these can vary between ridiculous to dangerous. It is important to draw the distinction between fact and fiction. Here is a list of common misconceptions.

1. Kundalini energy is sexual in nature, because it draws prana (life force energy) up the Sushumna channel from the root chakra to the brain. Sexual fluid is the most potent form of prana because it is both life-giving and life-holding. When it is used for anything other than its intended purpose (to be ejaculated into a woman to create life - in terms of a male, to foster and grow a new being into existence - in terms of a female) this energy becomes raw potential. In the case of Kundalini, so the late Gopi Krishna thought, this raw potential is drawn against gravity through the chakra system, the endocrine system, nervous system etc, into the brain, and used to rebuild and refine these systems and organs to Kundalini’s ‘fashion’ or ‘plan’ if you will. This is not true. Sexual prana is indeed intense and powerful in nature, but excess of this does not mean Kundalini energy has awakened in the individual. Kundalini energy is fiery and spiritual in nature. Although it does mingle with all of the aforementioned systems, organs and fluids, it is a separate energy.

2. Awakening Kundalini automatically brings about spiritual powers such as ESP, mind-reading, mediumship, forms of astral travel, communication with the divine, etc. Kundalini can invoke these altered states on occasion in certain individuals, but it is not a rite of passage through the serpent fire. Also, these abilities/states can certainly exist separately from a Kundalini experience entirely.

3. Kundalini automatically means one will become enlightened. Because consciousness is change, it is important to remember that enlightenment is not a destination where one can drive one’s psychic car, pay for parking and stay forever and ever once one has done ‘all the right things.’ Enlightenment is a state that one can attain. Zen is within all of us just like Kundalini is within all of us. With Kundalini we may be able to attain the state of Zen/Enlightenment more often, but it is still something we must work at through meditation and other practices. 

4. If you awaken Kundalini spontaneously, prematurely, or both, especially if it was due to psychedelic drugs, you’re doomed to go crazy and/or die. If this happened to you what you mayinstead go through is called a ‘spiritual emergency.’ It is defined as:

“When spiritual seekers or even those who do not consider themselves to be on a spiritual path find themselves experiencing levels of energy and awareness that they are unable to handle and for which they have no reference, then the result can be a state of emergency. In this state a person feels highly vulnerable and oversensitive to incoming stimuli. Typically they feel overwhelmed, fragmented, fearful, confused and disoriented. With their absorption in inner processes, they may not be able to look after even basic self care.” (Karen Harrington, “Kundalini and the Awakening of Spirit” 

It is indeed very difficult (I’ve been there) but it does not mean mental illness will ensue or that you will be murdered by Shakti. Neither of these things will occur. You will be fine but it will take some work to ground and to find balance again. There are tons of resources that I have listed in the ‘links’ section of this tumblr that can help provide you with information and guidance.

5. If you have had a spontaneous/premature/drug induced Kundalini awakening, you must fight it or aid it with whatever means you deem to be necessary. First of all, don’t fight it. The more time you spend resisting it, cursing it, hating it, trying to stomp it out with bad feelings or drown it in substances (like drugs and alcohol) the worse off you will be. Secondly, don’t aid it unless through the very careful guidance of a very well-known, highly-respected, tried-and-true teacher. Don’t go listening to just anyone’s advice on the subject. What you can do to aid it is to cease all spiritual practices/activity such as certain types of meditation, breathing techniques (like breath of fire), certain types of yoga (like Kundalini yoga!) or any other things you are involved in that are enflaming the energy. Focus instead on grounding, joyful activities.

6. If you have Kundalini, you musthave a teacher. You can certainly seek one out if you so choose, but it is not necessary. In fact, unless your teacher is the best teacher of all time and understands not only Kundalini thoroughly and without strange, personal dogma, but understands YOU very well, I would say that a teacher is not necessary. They can get in the way and fill your mind with problematic assessments and even more problematic (or dangerous) practices. 

7. If you have Kundalini, you will never be ‘normal’ or lead a ‘normal’ life ever again. First of all, what is normal? Kundalini does make career-oriented life, and even highly-functional family life a challenge sometimes. And it can definitely ‘ruin’ some lives for periods of time, depending on what your perception of your life was previous to Kundalini and what connotations you place upon your current spiritual experience. I reiterate: this is perception. But it does not rip one out of normality, since normality is so highly subjective to begin with. Second of all, just as life and consciousness is ever-changing, so is Kundalini. What is being presented as a difficulty now will change with time. The energy ebbs and flows, it comes and goes. It goes through different stages and evolutions. Also, you will learn as you travel how to better navigate the new vistas and challenges Kundalini creates, so it will not always be so overwhelming. 

I hope this has helped clear some things up. If I’m missing anything, please feel free to message me. 


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A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the “half empty or half full” question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired: “How heavy is this glass of water?”

Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz.

She replied, “The absolute weight doesn’t matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it’s not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I’ll have an ache in my arm. If I hold it for a day, my arm will feel numb and paralyzed. In each case, the weight of the glass doesn’t change, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes.” She continued, “The stresses and worries in life are like that glass of water. Think about them for a while and nothing happens. Think about them a bit longer and they begin to hurt. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed – incapable of doing anything.”

It’s important to remember to let go of your stresses. As early in the evening as you can, put all your burdens down. Don’t carry them through the evening and into the night. Remember to put the glass down!

I think this just changed my life.

So wise

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Ten Tips For Increasing Your Intuition

1. Ask questions - This is really important when developing your intuition because insight follows the asking of a question which then allows energy to come back with a response, whether visually, symbolically, as thoughts or in other ways. This can be as simple as asking “Which way should I travel to the shops today to avoid traffic?”, or deeper, such as “Which job should I take?”

2. Listen - This may seem obvious but a lot of the time we may ask the question and change our train of thought before listening to the answer. Why? It could be because we don’t expect to get an accurate answer or we don’t trust our own ability to intuit it. So ask the question and “leave that space” to be open to an answer. This leads to the next tip…

3. Follow the first thought - When you listen to your inner knowing, it tends to be the first thing that comes to mind that is the intuitive response. Alternative thoughts that come through after that will be the logical mind coming in to give the rational or expected answer rather than the intuitive one. So trust the first thing that comes to mind. It may be an image or symbol rather than words. It’s also important to point out, as I mentioned in the introduction, that intuition also comes from the “gut feeling” so you may just get a feeling to do something in particular or just a feeling of “yes” or “no”. Imagine that you’ve asked which way to travel one day and you are coming up to the intersection where you can go one way or the other. As you get closer, you have the question in your mind and at the last minute you just “have to” to right - you feel pulled to do so. This is an intuitive response.

4. Follow through - Now that you’ve received your intuitive response, follow it through and take notice of whether it was indeed the right move. This will provide your confirmation which will give you confidence and encourage you to keep asking and following the intuitive response. The more you do it, the more automatic it will become.

5. Notice synchronicities - Keep a journal of the synchronicities you notice each day. The more you pay attention to these things, the more tuned in to them you will become. Some of these synchronicities might include knowing who is calling when the phone rings, hearing from someone you were thinking about, coming across a book on a topic you wanted to explore or on something that provides information that is helpful to you, and so on. This will show you how your energy is working within the world, to bring you what you subconsciously ask for or need.

6. Practice stillness - This is one of the most helpful ways to increase your overall sense of connection with the universe, including your intuitive abilities. To achieve stillness, sit quietly and place your attention on your breathing - as you naturally inhale and exhale. Be one with your breath. This is the easiest way I know to still the mind of the persistent thoughts. Alternatively you could focus on a candle flame or something else of your choice. As the thoughts arise, don’t cling onto them but let them slip away. Don’t get frustrated by thoughts as they pop up because this causes you to pay more attention to them again. Just bring your attention peacefully back to your breath, the flame, etc. Regular practice of stillness will assist your intuitive awareness in day-to-day life as you let go of the mind chatter and just be “present” - right in the present moment where you can achieve greatest awareness.

7. Record your dreams - An ancient way to connect with your subconscious is to record your dreams and analyse their meaning. Having a connection to your dream life provides insight that can help you understand yourself, your life and what lies behind the daily goings-on. Dreams can also bring guidance from the higher self or guides and foretell upcoming events. The more you pay attention to them, the more you will remember and the more use they will be to you in your waking life.

8. Crystals - There are crystals that help to enhance intuition by activating the third eye or brow chakra. When you want to do any specific intuitive work, such as receiving insight from your higher self or guides, you can hold such a crystal to your third eye where you may notice a tingling or warmth on your forehead indicating the enhanced energy in the third eye. Amethyst, clear quartz, lapis lazili, sodalite and other purple and deep blue stones are good choices. You can hold the crystal for 5-10 minutes to help you “tune in” or you can hold it the whole time.

9. Oracle cards - These are tools that can assist you to receive intuitive messages from your higher self and guides. Before reading the message relating to the card/s you’ve drawn, try looking at the details and theme of the card/s and feeling for the meaning using your intuition. With practice, you may be surprised to find that the message in the guidebook reflects what you already intuitively felt. Look at the symbols, characters, colours and so on.

10. Be open to how you might receive intuitive messages or signs - You may have asked for some guidance with something in particular. You could try to directly receive insight or an answer to your question but if this doesn’t happen, don’t be disheartened. Once you ask a question, remain open and in expectation of receiving your answer. It could come through a dream, through something someone says to you, through an object that has significance such as a book or symbolic meaning of an item that you suddenly come across, or even via an animal that captures your attention.  


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Waking Life (Full Film)

I know I’ve probably posted this a million times before to two of my blogs but omg, it’s so gooood, everyone should watch this!

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Georgi Stankov: The Function of Left and Right Brain in the Light Body Process ›



By Georgi Stankov

In most human beings, the two hemispheres of the brain do not function in synchronicity, although they are anatomically connected through corpus callosi. I describe this phenomenon as energetic malfunction of current incarnated human beings.

There are some other significant deficiencies in the energetic structure of human beings, e.g. the blockage of the 4th heart chakra (emotional centre), which separates the three lower body chakras (1st to 3rd chakra) from the three higher chakras (5th to 7th) as part of the energetic malfunction of humans (for further information see publication “Light Body Process in the End Times“. This topic is very painful to the ego of the incarnated entity, and for this reason it is not currently discussed by any channel.

In the course of the Light Body Process (LBP)the heart chakra opens, encompasses, and synchronizes the lower and the higher chakras. Ultimately, the entity develops a Unified Chakra, which can transform much more astral energy in the body than normally. I have dedicated a whole book on this issue, based on sound and irrefutable scientific data (“The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“).

The only malfunction that is mentioned by channels nowadays is the reduction of the DNA of human entities to two strands by the current controllers on earth (The Anunnaki from the Orion Empire and the Reptilians) and their potential development to 12 and more strands in the course of Ascension.

However, none of the channelers have the necessary scientific background to comprehend these messages on DNA, which are channelled in a rather trivial, unscientific manner. It is not that the DNA-strands evolve to 12 and more biochemical strands that could be experimentally observed, e.g. through recombinant DNA-techniques, but that the so called junk-DNA, which contains the whole information of all incarnations of the soul and much more, is now activated at higher frequency astral levels, where the actual regulation of the DNA-encoding by the soul takes place.

These overlapping high frequency levels of stored information cannot be currently assessed by material instruments, because their limit is determined by the Planck’s constant, which is the elementary action potential of photon space-time, the smallest quant of energy that could be measured with material devices. This phenomenon is currently known as Heisenberg uncertainty principle and is central to the conventional interpretation of quantum mechanics (see Tetralogy of Science and all scientific books on New Gnosis).

The DNA-levels, which the channels are talking about, are beyond the Planck’s constant and cannot be currently assessed.

I do not want to further indulge in scientific details, but I would like to make you aware of the fact that this topic is also at the heart of free photon energy. The actual physical background of this energy presupposes an understanding of the new Transcendental Physics of the Universal Law of Nature (see also my book “Thoughts“). The latter can only be acquired after current physical theory is profoundly re-written and relieved from many basic flaws and inconsistencies.

I have performed this scientific achievement by developing the new Physical Theory of the Universal Law in two volumes of 1100 pages (volume I and volume II (full version). In this theory, I have elaborated the theoretical background of photon energy to the highest scientific standards.

For instance, I rejected the second law of entropy, which is in an apparent contradiction to the first law of thermodynamics of energy conservation, by deriving a new law, called Stankov`s Law of photon thermodynamics. This law is basic for the future development of new power engines, which will use photon energy after Ascension in the 5th dimension. (see publication on free photon energy).

What I want to demonstrate by this elaboration, is that all channelled messages in the last somewhat 20 years take due account of the individual knowledge of the channeler and they will never transmit a more complex information, which will inevitably put him under intellectual stress.

In this sense, all current channelled messages that circulate in Internet – be they from Kryon, Metatron or Kirael - are preliminary, meta-scientific information of what is potentially possible in the 5th dimensional levels. But they, in no way, meet even the current low standards of scientific elaboration (see my discussion on this issue in “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“).

It is very important to observe this fact without offending personally any channeler whatsoever. I am simply making a general, dispassionate observation. Spiritual high-esteem seems to be the most common trait, and basic human angst, among light workers in the current Vanity Fair of New Age esotericism, as well as a trap to intellectual perfection. These critical comments are indispensable for a proper understanding of the brain function…

Joe Rogan ~ DMT Changes Everything

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Ascension Update; April 14, 2012

It’s been a very rough few weeks. I’ve been clearing out a lot of old energetic patterns that no longer serve me positively, and it hasn’t been all sunshine and flowers. But I am grateful for this experience, and can definitely feel myself evolving..
The crystalline grid is strong, and the crystalline energies keep increasing.

I’ve been experiencing intense periods of light-headedness, dizziness, complete loss of orientation and feeling very much out of body, as well as some intense flash headaches and feeling as though the frequency of my energetic field is cranked up a few notches. I’ve noticed that light, sound, and colours affect me very deeply and I have become more sensitive to them.
My visual perception is also going through some new adjustments.. I can see moods and music. I’ve also started to notice that even colours have their own auric field. It seems as though earth life is becoming more and more multi-dimensional.
Closed-eye visuals are at an all time high for me.. it’s not uncommon for myself to experience them on a regular basis but they have been much more intense as of recent.

I’ve been very tired and in need of some good sleep, but that seems to be nearly impossible because no matter how much sleep I get I still feel exhausted. My dreams have been very strange and vivid, but I am not remembering much when I wake up.

All in all, the energies on this planet are very, very strong right now, and they will keep increasing!
I have been sticking to a pure, vegan, gluten-free diet and feel pretty good. I suggest that everyone eat lots of fruit and vegetables and try to stay away from packaged, processed foods as much as possible.

You are all in my thoughts and I thank you for your support and guidance, it means a lot.
Hope everyone is doing well!
Namaste my brothers and sisters, you are loved!

  April 14, 2012 at 03:46pm
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Reality Sandwhich:2012 and the Psychedelic Shamans ›


By Thomas Razzero

… In my opinion, the conditions of the world are not at all the point of the message of 2012. That is just the outer form of creation and everything that has been created will change. The message of 2012 is much more profound. It is about something that never changes. It is about the fundamental principle of reality, as revealed by the psychedelic experiences of the shamans. The ancient Maya discovered the greater reality that lies behind our ordinary reality and most importantly, they discovered their true fundamental self, which was never born and will never die. So the questions of 2012 are: “Who am I?” and “What is the true nature of reality?” Asking what is going to happen to us in 2012 is much too superficial.

Of course I am well aware that many people think that 2012 is about a shift into a new golden age of world peace. Just because I don’t think that the ancient Maya themselves created the calendar to predict world peace at this time does not mean that we can’t create a beautiful world right now! Your desire for world peace arises from your strong feelings of compassion and love and yet we should be honest and acknowledge that we do not have the power to make someone else happy; we do not have the power to make someone else be at peace. That is up to them and to them alone.

Yet perhaps your attitude and action will inspire others to create peace and joy within themselves. In this way, we all can work towards a more peaceful world. Your inspiration and offer of a helping hand to build a better world together can reach out in ways whose limits are unknown. So never give up hope and always do your best to transform both yourself and the world around you into yet an even more beautiful reflection of the divine love that comes to us all from the Source of everything.

People all around the world throughout all of time have discovered that both God and creation are the same reality in different forms, just like water and ice are different forms of the same essence. Fundamentally, there is only the One Awareness; it is primordial and all of creation arises out of it. This understanding is often called “non-dual” or the “perennial philosophy.” I like to call it “mysticism” and I believe that this mystical awakening is the heart of 2012.

The profound understanding of your true self is difficult to put into words and this is why metaphors are often used. You cannot literally show anyone their true self since it has no attributes that can be perceived in any way. You cannot grab it and put it on the table and proclaim, “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

Your True Self

Of course we all see that our bodies were born into the world; this is beyond dispute. But isn’t it also true that both our bodies and the entire world are born into our awareness? Our awareness holds everything without being held itself; it comes before everything and it plays host to all the phenomena that we experience. And a mystic intuitively understands that the divine awareness that looks out of your eyes is the same awareness that looks out of his or her eyes. What is seen is different but the awareness is the same. There is only one awareness, that of the eternal divine essence.

Imagine you are the one awareness and that you are in a room with many windows. When you look into the world through one of these windows, you see a certain view. In this way, you have all the experiences of one particular person. You see what they see, feel what they feel, think what they think, remember what they remember, dream what they dream and so forth. When you look through another window, you have all the experiences of another person. But you are still the same awareness. If you experienced all of these experiences altogether, it would be just a mass of color and noise. It seems that our individuated personal consciousnesses are what allow the one awareness to experience the world without it being a jumbled mess. But what has been created are unique viewpoints, not individuated consciousnesses. This is a very important distinction. The apparently separate personal consciousnesses seem to arise because of the combination of the one awareness looking through the many viewpoints. You are not a drop in the ocean of God; you are the entire ocean! You are the totality of reality and you are where it all comes from! You are both all of creation and the eternal Source of it all!

(Note: In my work, I will sometimes refer to the personal self or our personal consciousness. This is just a practical way of speaking. Ultimately, there is only one Self, the One Awareness, and yet I often want to refer to the functional self, the apparent self.)

Another way to look at this is to imagine that there are billions of hand puppets on earth, all apparently different people and animals. But when we see beyond the illusion of separate sentient beings and correctly perceive the full picture of what is really taking place, we see that there is only one sentient puppet master with billions of hands animating all of life and, most importantly, experiencing all of life through all those different viewpoints. What a miracle! What a mystery!

You Are Eternal Like the Sun

I think that the Maya personified the sun because you are like the sun. From our perspective on earth, the sun is born when it rises and it dies when it sets. But from a perspective out in space, we see that the sun is never born and it never dies; it is essentially eternal. Similarly, from the perspective of our ordinary reality, it appears as if we are born and then later, we die. Is there a different perspective, a larger framework, that reveals that our true self, our fundamental unconstructed self, is indeed also without birth or death? Are we also eternal? As I mentioned before, at birth, you get an apparent identity. When you re-identify with your true self — your pure, unchanging, eternal awareness — you are reborn in the most profound way.

I think that the Maya used a timeless metaphor on purpose to help you understand that you, too, exist beyond the boundaries of time itself. You exist as pure awareness, and time, space, energy and matter are all created within you. This re-identification as pure awareness is the deepest and most fundamental rebirth that the Maya are talking about.

While many people have heard that the world is an illusion, few people have heard someone say that they themselves are also an illusion. As I say in my book, Mystical 2012:

Yes, it seems like you are a separate, mortal, sentient being but you are not a being of any kind; you are sentience itself! This is the formless divine essence! This is what the gnostics focus on when they say, “Know yourself and you shall know God!”

Many of us have heard it said, “You are not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.” Of course it is wise not to put the cart before the horse but perhaps you now see why I say that you are neither the cart nor the horse! You are the awareness that holds both the human being and the spiritual being! Your eternal nature is looking out of your eyes right now, shining forever, just like the sun!